2D General Admission: $15.00

3D General Admission: $17.00

2D Senior Admission: $10.00
3D Senior: Admission: $12.00

2D Student Admission: $12.00
3D StudentAdmission: $14.00
(14 years and over - Student ID must be shown to obtain any student discount or general admission prices will be charged) 

2D Child Admission: $10.00
3D Child Admission: $12.00
(4-13 years) 

Infant: FREE
(3 & under) 

2D Family Ticket: $40.00
3D Family Ticket: $48.00
(2 adults & 2 children)

E Cinema:      Adult: $12.00

                        Student: $10.00

                        Senior: $9.00

                        Child: $9.00

Cinema Policy - 

  1. Students aged 14 years or older must present a current Student ID photo card to botain Student Discount.
  2. Any large bags or backpacks must be left at the front counter for storage in our secure lock up room.
  3. Staff from Limelight Cinema reserve the right to search any bags being taken into the Cinemas.
  4. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult for evening sessions.

** COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS cannot be used for any 3D screenings or at any time in the first two weeks of release.